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phone Quoteshare best quote creator maker app for motivational inspirational quotes of the day free iphone play store
A good quote packs so much wisdom Quoteshare best quote creator maker app for motivational inspirational quotes of the day free iphone play store 2

A good quote packs so much WISDOM

Have you ever came across a good quote when reading a book or the random quote post you saw on Facebook or Instagram, and you immediately felt mind-blown or inspired?

You even felt obliged to share it? #TooGoodNotToShare 

We do too!

but.. where is the best place to share a quote?

“My friends and family on Facebook probably are not interested and my Instagram are reserved for beautiful personal photos.”

We thought the same too!

The birth of Quoteshare

The idea of Quoteshare was born in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, a truly unprecedented time in human’s history when millions lost their jobs, countless of small businesses struggled to stay open and hundreds of thousands lost their loved ones.

The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.

Charlie Munger

We were wondering what could we do to help share all these mind-opening, motivational and inspirational quotes from you and me to our fellow mankind.

What if… everyone could easily share what they read, learnt or experienced in the form of quotes, wouldn’t that be amazing?

Hence, we created Quoteshare to take on the challenge.

What is quoteshare best quote creator maker app for motivational inspirational quotes of the day free iphone play store

So what is Quoteshare?

Quoteshare aims to inspire mankind by empowering the sharing of wisdom.

The Quoteshare app simplifies the process of quote-sharing and provide a quote sharing platform for the community of achievers, book readers, entrepreneurs and everyone who loves reading a quote – a place to inspire each other and bring each other to the next level!

What makes Quoteshare the best app for quotes?

Quoteshare quote creator quote maker app free Instagram iphone play store

Fun & easy-to-use
Quote Creator/ Maker

“A picture is worth a thousand words”.

You can now transform the quote you have in mind into a beautiful quote post with our built-in quote creator! Putting words into picture has never been so fun and simple!

Quoteshare Instagram for quotes share motivational inspirational quotes

Share quotes
easily to
like-minded individuals

Quoteshare provides an exclusive platform for people who love learning, growing and sharing their wisdom generously.

Our common intention is to help each other to know a little more every day!

Quoteshare save quote library collection of daily inspirational motivational life quotes sayings thoughts app free

Have your very own quotes collection

Build your own library of quotes that you love!

On top of the quotes you created yourself, you can also add a post from the community to your own collection!

A library of your favourite quotes all within your fingertips!

Quoteshare Rank quote top author book title best quote app free

Rank your quote under your favourite Author/ Book

Think you have the best quote from a particular author or book?

Your quote will rank at the very top of your favourite book and author categories, if our fellow Quotesharers think so too!

Reach more people, enlighten more minds!

Quoteshare book recommendation best book author to read quotes browse follow app

Explore, Browse & Follow
an Author or a Book

Book recommendation? Which book author is the best?

Why not look it up and see what are the best quotes from them? With the quotes nicely categorized according to the book title and author, you can easily browse through the best quotes and even give it a FOLLOW!

The best thing of all, Quoteshare comes at ZERO cost with no annoying ads
so that you could have the best experience sharing and reading quotes from fellow Quotesharers.

The best app for quotes is completely

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